Create a Desktop Wallpaper in Photoshop CS6

Using Custom Shapes to Create a Cutout Effect

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Using Custom Vector Shapes and Patterns to Create a Cool Wallpaper in Photoshop

This design can be produced in pretty much any version of Photoshop. And the basic design can be radically altered with just a few tweaks and personalizations.

I'm not going to spend too much time introducing the video as it goes into quite as much detail as is needed.

The one essential is the download site for the custom shape used in the design. You can download the vector shape here. Spend a bit of time on the layer styles. If you want a more elegant look, try refining the layer styles to just one drop shadow and one inner shadow. Whatever you prefer.

Above all, have fun!

For similar ideas see the heart cutout shape video and the surreal cutout video.

Desktop Wallpaper
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