Create a Polaroid Gallery Template Using Smart Objects in Photoshop

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Creative Borders in Photoshop

How to create a Classic Polaroid Border in Photoshop.

In this video we not only create a vintage border, but we also create a photo gallery template.

Further Information

Because this is a template we can reuse it to create further galleries. The idea is to save the document and then to use the smart objects inside the document to replace the images you previously selected.

Save your work to a different document each time and create a series of galleries highlighting your work.

Change the background and you can create a different mood and feel for your gallery.

Classic Polaroid Border in Photoshop 1

Classic Polaroid Border in Photoshop 2

Grunge Borders in Photoshop

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Creating Grunge Frames Using a Stock Image and Photoshop

Grunge borders add an edgy feel, dynamic feel to photographs.

There a several ways of grungifying a border and in this video we look at a simple method using a stock image and the versatile Apply Image command.

Further Information

Grunge border stock images tend to come in two varieties - black with a white border or white with a black border. Either type can be used to achieve the same effect. It's a simple matter of clicking on the invert check box in the Apply Image dialogue to reverse the effect. Alternatively hitting CTRL+I (or CMD+I) on the layer mask will achieve the same effect.

Download the stock used from the Stock Exchange. The ski image can be found at Fotolia.

Grunge Borders in Photoshop

Split Tone in Photoshop

Create a Split Tone Preset in Camera Raw

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Using Photoshop and Camera Raw for Automatic and Flexible Editing

Camera Raw has a built in split toning feature and combined with the functionality of the preset manager, this makes it an ideal editing choice for certain procedures.

In this video we explore the potential for using Camera Raw in this way, by setting up a basic split tone preset and examining how we can integrate Camera Raw with Photoshop for a seamless editing experience.

Further Information

The vignetting filter shown in this video applies after the cropping tool is applied.

Download the image used from iStock. Or use the technique on one of your own portraits.


Split Tone in Photoshop

Colour Variations in Photoshop

Create Pop Art Style Variations

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Creating Andy Warhol Style Images Using the Multiply Blending Mode

The multiply blending mode is one of a range of modes in Photoshop that allow for radical colour transformations.

The cool thing about the multiply blend mode is that in certain circumstances it operates very predictably.

In this image we are applying bright, pure colours to a black and white image with very predictable and easy-to-control results.

Further Information

The previous colouring video I made on Photoshop Colour Tinting covers colouring techniques that are more flexible than the one shown here.

Download the image used from Fotolia. Or use the technique on one of your own portraits.

Also, using different black and white versions of your image is a worth a try, but generally high contrast black and white provides better results than lower contrast.

Pop Art Style Variations in Photoshop

Improve Your Photoshop 3D Workflow

Working With Complex 3D Models

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The 3D Materials Picker Tool in Photoshop CS6

Tucked away under the Eyedropper Tool, Photoshop hides one of the most useful features it has for working with complex 3D models.

The 3D materials picker or to give it its proper name, the 3D Material Eyedropper Tool allows you to enjoy a clean user interface, completely focused on editing materials.

This video also explores a few other techniques for smoothing the performance of Photoshop's 3D environment.

For those with powerful graphics cards, enabling the Allow Direct to Screen option in the Interactive Rendering section of the principal photoshop Preferences 3D menu can greatly improve performance.

Model used: Lamborghini Aventador

3D Workflow in Photoshop


Photoshop CS6 3D tutorials
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