After Effects CS6 Ray Traced 3D

Create a Fast and Furious Logo in After Effects CS6

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Creating a Still Image Using After Effects CS6

In this video we create a 3D design based on the Fast and Furious 6 logo.

This design leverages the ray tracing engine to achieve the 3D detail.

I've gone for the dynamism of the original Fast and Furious design, but this is not an attempt at a pixel-for-pixel copy.

You can use the Antique Olive Nord D Italic font for a more realistic effect, but as that font is only available commercially, I've decided in this video to use two free fonts:

Bitstream Vera Sans download at


Tondu Beta download at

In the final image shown here, I've added a horizontal blur to the IBL used to produce the horizontal streaking seen on the number '6'.

It should be possible to animate this design and perhaps in a future video that is something I might tackle.

The trailer for Fast and Furious 6 can be seen here - the animated logo is seen towards the end of the video. And, yes, it looks pretty awesome!

Fast and Furious in Photoshop CS6 3D
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