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Gimp's Heal Selection in Windows and Ubuntu Linux

Heal Selection is a script which is placed in the usual script folder in Windows and the Gimp 2.6 folder in Ubuntu. (Installation instructions can be at the gimp registry page above and it is worth stressing that the version of the script in the shared Gimp 2.0 folder needs to be deleted for the patch to work.)

Gimp Resynthesizer Heal Selection Menu

Heal Selection can be found under Filters ► Enhance ► Heal Selection. First a word of warning. When this was succesfully installed on Ubuntu, it broke the principal Resynthesize filter under the Map menu. Does this matter? Yes. Heal Selection produced very good results. But when faced with any kind of gradient - as in the sailing boat image used in the video above, it did not fare at all well. Horses for courses.

What was amazing about the Heal Selection option was that it not only tackled difficult areas that the main Map Resynthesizer filter failed on, but it did a very good job when faced with ridiculously difficult tasks. Take a look at the image below and see how the black spot along the cow's neck has been removed. Not only did it successfully remove this large selection, but it added shading where you would expect to see it.

Gimp Resynthesizer Test - Original Image

Gimp Heal Selection on Windows XP

Next, take a look at these images. Heal selection removed the shadow and the replacement matches the surrounds perfectly.

Gimp Heal Selection on Windows XP

Gimp Heal Selection on Windows XP

On both Windows and Ubuntu - the results for Heal Selection were sometimes really quite impressive, and most importantly the bug which affects the other implementations of Resynthesizer did not appear to affect Heal Selection.

The limitation of Heal Selection can be seen in the following sailing boat image below. The following was done on a Windows XP machine, but the results with Ubuntu were not much different.

Gimp Heal Selection Test - Sailing Boats Image

Gimp Heal Selection Test - Sailing Boats Image

So recommendation? Install Resynthesizer and Heal Selection on Windows and limit your use of the plugin to Heal Selection - you won't be disappointed. If you have Ubuntu the same applies, but don't delete the original smart-remove.scm file completely, just move it from the shared Gimp 2.0 scripts folder and keep a copy. Returning it to the same folder will give you access to the original Filters ► Map ► Resynthesizer filter with it's superior content fill capability when you are dealing with gradients... but watch out for those bugs!

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