Hogwarts Style Postcard

A Harry Potter Inspired Design

Sepia Toning and Texture Overlays to Fake an Aged Print

In this design, a modern picture is given some degrading treatment to create a Victorian style print. Inspired by the Muggle technology sometimes incongruously found at Hogwarts, this design features some magical elements, but the techniques can be used for more mundane outputs.

This is actually quite a simple design which uses an excellent photograph of a car and a paper texture from Sxc.hu, but don't limit yourself to just this texture, many of the high quality paper texture from that website can be used to create the precise effect that you are looking for in whatever design you are working on.

Below you'll find some examples of alternative car pictures.

The sepia toning you'll find in the video is an extreme example which was intended to retain and even enhance contrast than to present the kind of realistic aged looking photo.


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