Create 3D Metallic Spheres in Gimp

3D Imaging Rendering Using Gimp and Mathmap

Create 3D Metallic Spheres in Gimp


Gimp comes with a powerful set of 3D object renders, but the Mathmap plugin can be used to add extra functionality.

In this video a metallic texture is used to create textured spheres which are then coloured using the colourize function.

Mathmap has an extremely good preview function for 3D mapping and this makes it easy to select the best aspect for your final image.

3D Metallic Sphere Tutorial

Earth Globe Tutorial

Three metal orbs on a background which includes a fading overlay of the processed metallic texture.

If you find the tutorial useful then head over to Youtube (click on the video) and leave a comment, rate or subscribe for more tutorials.

And if you want a copy of the background used it is available free on this site.

The metallic texture is hosted on (registration required).

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