Create a Space Dancer Scene in Photoshop CS6 3D

Using Photoshop Brushes and a Photo To Design a Dynamic Wallpaper

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Combining 2D elements in a 3D Workspace in Photoshop

This is a somewhat ambitious project to put together a fantasy scene using Photoshop brushes, a photograph and the Photoshop CS6 3D environment.

Using the 3D environment for a project that involves very large 3D layers and overall a large document pixel size is not the easiest of tasks. Photoshop 3D is much easier to use when dealing with small layers and small documents. The price to pay for the ambitious size of this project is some lag in execution after various edits.

The result is pretty cool. As well as putting together a decent looking fantasy scene - which could be done in the standard Photoshop workspace - we also benefit from realistic ray traced reflections for which we need to use the 3D workspace.

Without a few lots of edits, the video would have been some 15 minutes longer, and the outcome achieved is pretty reasonable for the amount of time spent. So the lagginess of the software wasn't a huge time-stealer. The real problem with this situation is the kill-to-creativity resulting from having to wait for 15 seconds for every edit to be processed before you see the results.

Consequently you would probably want to only use this technique for relatively small projects, and to stick to the 2D workspace for larger projects.

The video ran into the size limit for Youtube video uploads so the last part of the video is heavily edited.


Space Dancer Wallpaper
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