Photoshop CS5 32 Bit Mode

The Way to Better Gradients

Improving Your Gradients in Photoshop CS5 using 32 Bit Image Mode

When you lower the opacity of a layer with a gradient it is common for Photoshop to start showing banding on the gradient layer.

Curiously blurring doesn't help and can actually make the situation worse so what to do?

This short video presents a few neat tricks you might wish to try out.

32 Bit Processing

32 bit mode is one of three major modes found in Photoshop, the others being 16 bit mode (which is used for 3D objects) and the commonplace default 8 bit mode.

The reason for 32 bit mode being advantageous in certain circumstances is really down to rocket science, however 8 bit mode has the very tangible and easy to grasp benefit of offering a large range filters and tools that are not available in the nominally superior modes.