Photoshop CS5 Extended 3D Text

Reflective 3D Text in Photoshop

3D Repoussé Text Layer with Ray Tracing

Update: The soft lighting video shows solution to some of the issues raised in this video.

The most frustrating thing when using the 3D Repoussé Text Layer function in Photoshop CS5 Extended is the wait for the final product to render using the quality Ray Traced Final setting in 3D scenes.

The result below which at 600 pixels in width is quite close to the actual size I worked with (only 800 pixels - forewarned is forearmed) hadn't yet finished rendering after 2 hours.

The second frustration was in not being able to get a quick and reliable preview of what the finished render would look like. But the result is pretty decent as you can see in the picture below.

Final Results

Final Image after 2 hours of Ray Tracing at highest setting.

I grabbed the finished image from Photoshop before the ray tracing was done. I don't know, perhaps more time and better lighting might have produced a superior result.

There is overt aliasing in the slopes of "OVERT" and slightly less evident aliasing in "PIX", and trying to smooth this out using anisotropic filtering in Photoshop produced no real result, so took the result into Gimp and tried out the various smoothing filters in the Enhancement Menu in the G'MIC plugin.

After applying G'MIC edge-preserving flow and overlays.

The most impressive result was obtained using the edge-preserving flow enhancement filter on intense settings and after several passes. This was cool for removing or should I say reducing aliasing but did an even better job in getting rid of textures that I had applied to the text in Photoshop 3D: 1 part good to 1 part bad.

The result is actually not too bad. The original textures have been replaced with overlaid textures giving a less crisp finish than the original but we've also got rid of those jagged lines which gave the original a less-than Photoshop quality finish.

I don't see myself, in future, trying to work on the issues in Photoshop by giving ray trace extra time - no way jack! - but perhaps improved lighting might help with some of the aliasing, and as a last resort I think that G'MIC can produce results. But the issues encountered with the 3D text are really too pronounced for G'MIC to deal with without too much loss of quality, so its not really an accept-and-stick solution.

Neither is the product that Photoshop produces really acceptable. So still looking for that solution.

One thing to note though if you are exporting from Photoshop to Gimp, the latest Photoshop .psd formats aren't always opened by Gimp and you may need to resort to using gold old .png format for exporting.

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